What Hip-Hop Magazine Is Folding?

WELP! This isn’t hard to guess! But I am hearing that a certain, long running Hip-Hop magazine will finally be closing its doors within a year. I cannot say, but there are many, many industry people that allege its a wrap!

I’m getting word that this mag will cease to publish in 9 months or so. I hear that they recently laid of a lot of people. I don’t believe that’s anything new to the game. But, I also heard that there are some lawsuits that have begun to affect the company as well. Apparently, a gay person that worked with the company on a photo shoot or something has decided to sue for harassment or something. Again, don’t quote me because I don’t know this as fact.

Hopefully, they continues to put out issues and do very big things. If they are around after a year, I will recant this whole rumor.

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  1. EDOGZ818 says:

    Dayum! Spin Magazine closed this week! 12/21/2012?

    End of world or end of spin?

    You hit this nail on the head!

    Excellent prediction / Rumor.

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