What Happened To The Epic Pusha T Diss?

(Rumors) My boy Carlos hit me up on Twitter and asked me “What happened to that epic Pusha T diss to Lil Wayne?” Welp! We’ve seen this happen too many times in this new generation. We saw it with Drake and Common. When push turned to punch, the kiddies just don’t want to get it in. Remember when Drake was sending very overt subliminals, but then Common responded with the ill diss? I guess technically, Pusha T did and Wayne’s lame “Ghoulish” were outright disses, but ultimately somebody pulled the plug on the Pusha T diss. I can only assume it is bad for business for Young Money to be beefing with G.O.O.D. Music.


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  1. redryder says:

    fuck that. pusha bodied ymcmb once, and he should take that coffin and put it in the ground. eight letters ripymcmb

    • Jorge says:

      wayne took a L never seen a superstar get deiend like that . I dont think its only because of harden, I think it has to do with the dick riding Wayne a fan of everybody if they winning.. dude went from hornets, heat,mavs,heat etc etc like come on I think they didnt want no phony fan of every team celeb in their building.. as far as the big sean thing the song was already recorded it would be wack if wayne took dude off .

    • Diiego says:

      black americans are over-rated, a thing of the past in boixng because thats where all the good fighters were back in the day. now a days black americans are too pretty for the sport and their entertainment value sucks thats why they gotta stage something to hype the fight.

  2. Hip Hop Fan says:

    I think someone with some sort of intelligence at YMCMB thought about the Pusha T song and determined since he didn’t state any names they should leave it alone because as a label G.O.O.D music is way more lyrical than YMCMB. If push did come to shove and others decided to jump in, YMCMB knows that the older cats have tons of dirt on Wayne and Baby. If Mannie Fresh had helped Pusha T it would have been a wrap for YMCMB.

    • Rochelle says:

      Weak. Now we know why lil Wayne don’t beef with anybody. He’s not built for it larciylly or physically. Clipse have been on Wayne’s head for years and this response just opened the floodgates. And how drake gonna say clipse flopped after saying he was a fan? Clipse put out 3 straight great albums. Pusha really bout that life and can rap circles around anyone YMCMB got.

    • Manish says:

      lol funny alot of these goons be talkin abt pusha aint shit when his 3 ablmus as clipse been sold first album lord willin’ 948k sold so tha wayne dickriders need to chill lol cuz his goulish track had tha biggest homo start in history

  3. redryder says:

    thats exactly why push needs to go at him again. shut them down. #ripymcmb

    • Senthiljith says:

      I hate nigga who say pusha t gone eat of dis the nigga been rappin since da 90s and aint ate yet so he aint shit only rsoean why he in good music cause jay z aunt want his trash ass ymcmb if dey wanted can really get on his ass wayne jus playin wit dis nigga to make it seem like he doing somethin I not pikin sides but get real pusha t a joke 1 album 15000 lmao come on

      • Tia says:

        i really wish that this beef expesos YMCMB as the empty label that they are. its pretty obvious that they really dont care about the music anymore and albums are nothing but singles no reason a nigga like tyge needs 7 videos off one album. these bammas make songs for tweets and facebook status’. i already forgot most of the songs offa drakes classic album. the big labels these days dont make timeless music, they make music for the now that is easily forgotten. i can still put in Lord Willin’ and/or any of Kanyes albumes (outside of 808) and run through the whole thing nonstop last thing wayne dropped that stays in rotation is carter 1 n 2 #opinions

  4. Alf Capone says:

    what? it ended b4 it began

    • Vale says:

      Worst thing Young Money could do is get into a battle with a rival crew. Lyrically they are the weakset of any rap crew that ever was. All they got is gimmicks and a legion of drones that faithfully buy their subpar raps. I’m expecting a scorching reply by Pusha any day now.

    • Belinda says:

      Pusha T is a dope rapper and Weezy hasn’t been nice in the legsont time. Bar for bar Pusha is too much for anyone, but since this shit is more of a popularity contest now, I bet people will stay say Weezy or Drake won.

  5. [...] Pusha was getting with him crazy. Anyway, its over and Lil Wayne confirmed what I already knew. Click here to read my piece, which is more on the Pusha T side of it. But, seriously, it was a mutual thing from what I heard. Weezy talked to The Associated Press on [...]

  6. Claire says:

    SMH Dwayne Michael Carter. SMMFH. You come at Pusha T with nothing but a few bars that are wkeaer than my newborns ankles. And he knows that its gonna turn into YM vs. GOOD and Roc Think about this; Wayne, Drake, and . nobody else? Vs. Pusha T, Kanye, Common, Big Sean, 2 Chainz (if he really got signed), JAY Z. J. Cole, Jay Electronica . Need I say more?

    • Zacatyby says:

      Wayne wore play clothes and shit way back when clispe called him out. Wayne is all about bullshit flagging and repping a gang he had no apparent affiliation with until he was a multi millionaire (seriously don’t get why no one gives him more shit besides 40 glocc or whoever that dude in LA is) .pusha calls him out. People say subliminals and shit about this beef but pusha didn’t need to name names, the video, made it even more obvious. I used to be a Wayne fan during the pre carter 3 era but the blood shit just made me cringe everytime I heard it. Only straight up Idaho farmers think Wayne’s real about it. Dude brags about getting shot in songs and is the dumb motherfucker who shot himself. Regarding the drake shit, dude played a fucking wheelchair bound kid on Disney channel or some shit. Keep talking about catching bodies Canadian bitch please. In my extremely biased opinion if pusha decides to release a response it’s game over. Although I think Malice is nicer anyway

    • Amaya says:

      Drake is the most popular rapepr around now. Being cocky is part of the whole thing.And yes, the catching bodies stuff is lame, but even though I’ve never actually seen anyone wearing Play Cloths, I doubt Pusha T still sells crack to make money.

  7. Titi says:

    This track created a lot of buzz when it dproped because of the mix between Pusha and Tyler but it definitely hits hard with that grimey, hip hop feel. Red Bull USA came through with the drop of the visuals for the track which will be on Pusha’s upcoming EP Fear Of God: Let Us Pray.

  8. EDOGZ818 says:

    Would some one please Battle?

    Is this Hop Hop or the Runway in ZooLander?

    No BEEF, all Battle!

    No rapper should say anything, if he isn’t prepared to flow!

    • Laticia says:

      Lord Willin came out 10 years ago. YMCMB sells recrods, that’s what a recrod label is supposed to do last I checked. Big Sean is timeless music, because every time one of his songs come on it feels like an eternity until it ends. Pusha is a great rapper but I don’t see the point of this beef, he comes across as a bitter old guy and going after easy target pop-rappers, like when KRS-1 went after Nelly of all people. Buuut. Wayne’s response was weak, I don’t think that’s under debate. Pusha still seems mad struggleface for going after a pop artist like Drake in the first place though.

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