Thanks Drake & Chris Brown: Bottle Service In NYC To Be Stopped?

(Rumors) These Negroids done went and messed it up for all the ballers, like BMF messed up nightlife in Atlanta! The word on the street is that the Nightlife committee of NYC, the police and local government are already talking about putting an end to bottle service in New York nightclubs. New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn sprung into action after the melee between Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake and is about to use this to get her name out there. I’m just saying, somebody needs to use Hip-Hop to get their name out there, right? Its not like people are getting shot by police “on accident” or anything, right? You know? Anyway, like it or not, the crime at the NY nightclub that resulted in several people getting injured as well as Chris Brown’s own bodyguard damn-near getting scalped has people rethinking this whole poppin’ bottles thing. Maybe they could make recyclable bottles that will give a person a big knot on their head like this:

Anyway, there’s a bunch more info out there on this topic, but who cares. Just act like civil humans and they won’t be able to take about the Baller’s Delight – bottle service.

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  1. Hip Hop Fan says:

    All this over Rihanna…Seriously? Dudes are softer than two-ply toilet paper

    • Gevor says:

      @1000235335 Religion is not a poison, self rigohtusness is. There is alot of lunatics out there that are not religous, however, they use other avenues to justify their insane view and actions. Environmental issues are great example of how non-religious, self righteous nut-bags express their lunacy. That Pastor in a lunatic, but not because he is religious but because he’s a lunatic.

    • Marta says:

      that religion enelabs people to behave badly by giving them an excuse. I said that moderates are enabling extremists. You have now thrown everything at it, including the ad hominem, and you still can’t prove your point. Your critical thinking and arguing abilities could use some work. I suggest school.

  2. CheatExposer says:

    Somebody always has to give hip hop a bad name. Talking about living up to stereotypes.

  3. Slim says:

    There goes a lil more freedom from the people of new york no bottles and not 32oz drink the north sucks.

  4. I don’t even understand how I finished up here, however I thought this post was good. I do not understand who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger in case you aren’t already. Cheers!

    • Airinga says:

      In God and Brother Bush we trust? Hmm? Trusting God is what we should do, but tritusng Bush got a war that has killed thousands of Americans so far. Trusting Bush has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs due to the recession brought on by the Bush/Cheney administration. I think I’ll just place my trust in God and not Bush or any other man, God really doesn’t need their help.

  5. efrain says:

    I HATE DRAKE’s lyrics..he is more dideagrng to women than any mainstream rapper I’ve heard he called all the other women hoes’ in the song Mary is talking about. He has a good voice, so he needs to act like he has some sense !!!

  6. ILLZITO says:

    That shit is impossible!!!!! That’s how the clubs make money, furthermore that’s how they get to be exclusive on who they let in, won’t happen, mightas well shut down now and save some bread.

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