Signs The World Is Coming To An End: A Fake White Drake?

(Opinion) Whoaaaaaaaaa! There is this boy named Logic and this kid has a nice lil’ song with “Numbers.” The only problem is this kid sounds JUST like Drake! I played it for a few friends and told them it was a new Drake song and they liked it, and they never even noticed it was a White kid from Maryland, not a bi-racial guy from Canada.

One of the number one rules in Hip-Hop…is NO BITING! What do you think about this guy and the song?

In a way, I feel bad about giving it any shine, but we have to call people out when it is required of us.

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  1. Hip Hop Fan says:

    Too many fakes. First we had Black Haze (Tupac), then Guerilla Black (Biggie), NOE (Jay-Z) now a Drake sound a like. Even the beat is similar to Drakes style. I dunno, I need to hear more than just one song but this track is to similar to Drakes stuff.

    • Brett says:

      Kanye is tryna get him to where he needs to be . thats all . niggas hate on him for sinnigg about females with a high pitched voice .. kanye will make this kids career.

  2. King Jafee says:

    After hearing more songs from him yes he is biting Drake’s style completely.

    I wondered why I see all this Young Sinatra shit everywhere.

    People like carbon copies of the next man because they are stupid.

  3. oldschoolera says:

    he may sound similar to drake, but he’s not ripping him off. honestly, shit ton better, forget young money

  4. The Chi-town MC adds some lethal bars to the song, referring to Drake as “That Hoe Ass Ni**a.” Listen and check out the lyrics below.

  5. swag says:


    • Ionel says:

      I really love your hair Saab! Even at times when you think waley ang hair mo. :) I read your tweet just now and I think you’re super tatlneed already even if you can’t dance.

  6. po says:

    yea this dude is horrible….am i the only whyte rapper who keeps it gangsta 24/7? i stay g’d up from the feet up/// i even have real killas & bangers on my songs & on my label & friends lists ! duh bcz i keep it G beeeeyatch

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