Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or Mase?

(Rumors) So, on Wednesday Rick Ross is hosting some kind of big time press release to make a major announcement. WELL, the strong word on the street is that he’s about to sign Shawnna. Now, that’s interesting, but cool. Why? Its about time the boss got a woman in the crew. I think that Shawnna is the one for the gig. Why? Lyrically, she’s bonkers. She’s just as or more lyrical than the guys in MMG. She’s shined in other places, i.e. her former affiliation with Ludacris. I’m not sure what happened with her and T-Pain, but T isn’t bringing the pain on the charts any more. So, that’s that.

On the other side, I am hearing Ma$e could be in the mix of this announcement. See, here I am going to use the melon between my shoulders and thing. First, there’s really no reason for him to do an all-out press release to announce Shawnna, with all respect due. I think there is something bigger in the works and I happen to believe that’s Ma$e. Now, I say this understanding that Ma$e has pretty much said this is not the case. But, still…do we trust Ma$e to tell the truth? That’s another rumor altogether.

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  1. King Jafee says:

    Murda MMG Mase

    It sounds cool and scary

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    • Javi says:

      You really a dumb n***** for snaiyg he was just a prison guard. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do as far as dealing, but fool you don’t think prison guards bring in dope to the prisons? You seriously mistaken! Negro had a job in the joint Mark Furman was a f*cking police officer in the OJ case, and clearly planted evidence. Suge Knight was friends with a cop that also had gang ties to the bloods ya’ll some ignant negros to keep making that argument.

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    • Shafa says:

      , guess what dummy Pill aint nothing more than Rick Ross’s bitch..he’s sigend to him .its sound exactly like all of the wack ass Ross songs that have already been out, a fake ass dude who pretends to be a drug dealer and was a f**king prison guard!! LOL .

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