Rappers: Ciroc Pays!

(Rumors) To all you rappers trying to get a check, I know a way! I am hearing that Ciroc, the number 1 vodka, is paying rappers that drop the good stuff in their raps. Do you think they just happen to get a plug in there for FREE? NAW! They paying good money! I won’t say names, but I know a mid-level rapper that got a NICE check of $25, 000 for mentioning Circo on their album in a natural way. Now, I don’t know all the criteria, but I know several rapper that are either mid-level or basically falling off that have gotten their mortgage paid a couple of months this way.

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    • Jack says:

      can we really cotninue to place all of the blame . meaning that Hip-Hop is responsible for some but not all and its interesting how in the media Hip-Hop gets the worst rap while games like this exist. 1 for ced none for you and Im getting to you comment on the wear all black post@ hahah

  1. Hip Hop Fan says:

    Diddy is making a killing off of Ciroc

    • Haiiathie says:

      So let me get this straight besauce hollywood is doing the same thing we should give hip hop a pass? Come on. The truth of the matter is while violence and misogynism is prevelant in mainstream entertainment as it is in hip hop, when it comes to having an influence on OUR kids, Hip Hop has a much further reach and grasp on the minds and perspective OUR youth. Its sad but OUR kids aren’t trying to grow up to be superheros instead they are trying to be the next 50 or Jay z. If saving our community is your top priority you need to be ready to fight the battle on BOTH fronts from within and the outside. 50 or Jay z calling your sister a bitch is just as detrimental as hollywood doing it.

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  3. King Jafee says:

    I want to be the 1st to spam the comments section like the good ole days….

    Rhymes about sex and sex and more sex.


    • Dario says:

      Why are you passing the buck on hip hop? You’re being intoisnscent. If you’re concern with helping out the black community and particiularly empowering the youth, why are you defending a medium that has consistently poisoned our kids minds with dreams of slinging and stunning on 24s.

    • Raniel says:

      I hate that all the great hip hop? stars have passed. RIP Breed, Tupac, Notorius, Guru. Good music .good times. Graduated in the early ’90s and paetird to this song for real. I’ll always remember MC Breed

  4. This is not to say there is a paucity of female rappers, nor do any of them have to fit in a sexed-up Kim/Foxy mold — though some do. The Georgia rapper Lady became a web meme in February for her song and video “Yankin,” which described in detail her particular anatomical talents. A personal favorite, Atlanta’s Rasheeda, flips explicit sex rhymes into calls for female liberation — it’s not exaggeration to say every other track she cuts includes a line advocating cunnilingus.

  5. Ray says:

    Compton, Ca. Artist/Entertainer Maurice WIZ PROPANE Blake is next out of the West Coast, check out his youtube chaennl its tons of videos, interviews, music, freestyles, commercials etc. Let me know what u think, subscribe if you digging it!!! remember the name Wiz Propane and tell a friend!? Also check out the film, Life Is Hot In Cracktown where he co-stars as Brazil along side Evan Ross! Also check out his Honda commercial with comedian Deray Davis! 1 life 1 love GOD bless!

  6. vesty-yosl says:

    that true but what else we can do? it’s our new generation and i’m rapper so i understand what she mean but it’s just a busness

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