Protests Pop Up Against Lil Mama As Left Eye!

Lil Mama cannot get a break, can she? I think she is actually very talented. A lot of people forgot that because of some of there misguided actions. But, these protests are straight up hate! But there are two that I know of and a lot of people on the internet just bitchin’ that she shouldn’t be playing Left Eye in the TLC biopic. Well, who should? Megan Good?

Here is the nicer of the protests:

LiL Mama is not qualified for this role. Her looks alone doesn’t qualify her to play Lisa Lopes many people have stated Bresha Webb is more suitable to play the role of Left Eye. Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora are beautiful and where good choices to play TBoz and Chilli but LiL Mama is not attractive at all shes a mix of lil bow wow and a German Sheppard. This petition is for VH1 to recast the role of ?Lisa Left Eye Lopes to someone more qualified. Bresha Webb is just a suggestion.

Here is the hater one:

For one, who is Lil Mama? If you can recite one bar from any of her songs, dont sign this petition. If you can’t, sign it.

Two, how about VH1 choose a less manly lookin bitch to play the beautiful Lisa Lopez. This bitch voice is deep as fuck and you can see her adams apple. The real Left Eye is turnin in her grave at the thought of a tranny playin her. Thats just disrespectful.Three, this is the same bitch that jumped on stage with jay-z and alicia keys. Do we need that kind of reckless person playin one of the members of one of the greatest female groups of all time.

Four, look at this bitch face, just cause she lightskin dont mean she look like Left Eye

Five, have you ever seen a Lil mama video? you probably do like me and turn the tv when you see his face, so i kno i won’t watch the movie, cause soon as that nigga come on screen I will change the channel

Six, the only reason you shouldnt sign this petition is if you, like me, would like to see lil mama die at the end, like her career.


I don’t condone this. Let her live. Word to MC Lyte. But saying she is a “mix of lil bow wow and a German Sheppard.” Wrong. 
PS: Jay-Z was beyonce HEATED at this moment.


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