Nore “Explains” The Gay Rumors With Mobb Deep

(Rumors) Nore did a lot of stuttering in this video! He sort of goes back on his initial statement that he could confirm that Havoc was indeed saying that Prodigy was gay on audio obtained by The Breakfast Club of Power 105.


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  1. Hip Hop Fan says:

    Why do some of these old heads still need publicity stunts to sell mixtapes. Come on Nore

    • Handani says:

      I saw Pone live at a Raekwon show some months back and if he is that aiynnnog now in person . I totally understand Noreaga’s point. I wasn’t looking forward to either of their projects if we’re being honest though.

  2. Alf Capone says:

    nore is a cornball

    • Dana says:

      yeap, that’s what i mean. And I also dig the lyrics and what they conevyRinga pakiaUma tirahaTuri whatiaHope whai akeWaewae takahia kia kinoEnglish Translation:Slap the hands against the thighsPuff out the chestBend the kneesLet the hip followStamp the feet as hard as you can.Ka Mate! Ka Mate!Ka Ora! Ka Ora!Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huruNana nei i tiki maiWhakawhiti te raA upane ka upane!A upane kaupane whiti te ra!Hi!!English Translation:It is death! It is death!It is life! It is life!This is the hairy personWho caused the sun to shineKeep abreast! Keep abreastThe rank! Hold fast!Into the sun that shines!

      • Paola says:

        He probably was only able to espcae near the end of his sentence because that’s generally when you get moved to open prison to try and get you ready to return to society he just returned a bit soon.

    • May says:

      Dude was at the end of a seven year bid, he shoulda wetiad it out but I applaud making authorites look like idiots whenever possible For anybody on here that reads, Bill Simmons (ESPN writer) put out The Big Book of Basketball about a month ago and it is one of the best sports books I’ve ever read so far, check it out Anybody seen Spike Lee’s Kobe doc? I’m got that on the way from Netflix and as far as stray shots Nirvana Incesticide best Nirvana album by leaps and bounds IMO

  3. po says:

    nore is a killa who beat his murda rap..give him some respect…he is 1 of the few real 1s we have left

  4. Jade says:

    And this is why the majority of pelope in prison are there in the first place they’re not the brightest pelope. Escaping near the end of your sentence? DUMB. Dude WILL get caught and what he doesn’t realize is that the longer he’s out and making the authorities look like idiots, the longer his sentence for Escape will be.

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