News: The Anti-Rape Condom For Women

(Ill News) Rape isn’t good, but now there is a way for women (and men possibly) to fend off would be-rapists.

An anti-rape condom has been created and it is a doozie. Developed by a South African woman named Sonnet Ehlers, the anti-rape condom was created to act as an extreme deterrent in her native South Africa. South Africa boasts 1.7 million rapes of women per year. Rape-aXe, previously called Rapex, has a design where the insides of a condom appear to have shark-like teeth on the inside lining. The condom cannot be taken off without a doctors help.

The women inserts this into her body before the act of rape and when the perp enters her (effectively raping her anyway), he has no means to continue stroking without tearing his lil’ johnson up to shreds. Here is a video that gives a strong indication of the consequences of raping somebody with this deadly condom in them.

The only problem is that this has been out for a few years and people are still raping people. Even men.


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  1. Alf Capone says:

    ill remember this next time i plan on raping someone in south africa. hope its still safe to rap people here in america for a little while. i have big plans

  2. po says:

    this was out like 2 years ago.. & i dont get, after he sticks it in & is bleeding all up inside your pussy, how do u get rid of the aids?

    • Iman says:

      *** To protect and to serve? I rlleay hate these stories. Good for the victim to face her attackers and start a paper trail. This is probably not the first time these cops have done this, but hopefully it will be their last. Even if the police are not convicted, there needs to be a paper trail. It is very important for the victim to report the attack.

      • Parul says:

        Records exist for all criminal inndiects where someone has been victimized. If this is still under investigation, the police will not allow access to victim statements, since they are not of public record. However, if the guy you’re dating is lying to you and has indeed been charged with rape and convicted at trial, then the crime would become public record. So when you run a criminal background check, it should reveal what exactly happened as well as the rap sheet and booking photos, if you use a reputable . You know the old saying: If it smells like a rat, then it’s most likely a rat! Go with your gut and check this guys records! +9Was this answer helpful?

  3. po says:

    ps the spikes shud b the other way so it hurts him when he sticks it IN…now he wont b able to take his dick out becuz of the spikes… FAIL

    • Vanci says:

      Well of course it’s fake. Sex isnt even ocnuricg. The camera angles and acting are done in such a way to make it look real. The guy acts like he’s raping her and she’s acting like she’s being raped but nothing is really happening other than maybe some grinding on each other.Many actors/actresses would not be able to do a scene like that due to its emotionally disturbing nature. Typically there is a rape therapist on the set that helps to explain to the film crew how a rape occurs and how the actors are supposed to react to make it look real.But like everything in hollywood .it is fake. The actress is not really being raped.References :

    • EUnity says:

      The point is that the rapist takes the whole thing out, stays incapacitated by the pain and needs to report to a doctor to have it removed. Tag! You’re IT!

  4. ladeelaura says:

    “The only problem is that this has been out for a few years and people are still raping people.” This is complete bullshit. It hasn’t been released to the public, so do some research and stop miseducating people.

    • Wendy says:

      that is what the media portrays him as. big dicefrenfe and has nothing to do with his talent as a musician. this site is supposed to be about real dogs and the stories about them. politics and dogs have nothing to do with each other and i think somewhere in this story is someone’s political agenda.

      • Andrew says:

        it’s OK for a man to say No. Society equates being a Real Man with the connatst pursuit for sex and being ever ready to perform sex. So men are socialized out of relating to women as something more than the object of that pursuit, and so it feels counter-intuitive refusing sex when they don’t want it.

      • Valentina says:

        There’s two types of NOs. There’s the NO where she doesn’t want to but deep down does (this is the scary one because even Tom Hanks in all his DaVinci Code glory can’t deichper that conundrum). Then there’s the NO which is pretty blatant. And it can be difficult to deichper as each woman is different.Rape is an absolutely disgusting act that should automatically lead to life in prison for those foolish enough to violate a woman (or a man). I know nothing compares to the touch of a woman (for me anyway) but there’s a difference between enjoying her company mutually and forcing yourself upon her. Why men who do this dispicable act rather than masturbate in the privacy of their own home is beyond me. There is no excuse for anyone to force another sexual act on anything (be it man or animal).Moral: Take NO seriously no matter if she’s joking or serious about it. Better to be safe than prosecuted.

  5. illseed says:

    ladeelaura, lighten up.

    • Nahu says:

      that I would never post again. But I just had to say that I rarely agree with you, but you naeild this one! Mike, thank you for you being the only one in the media that is taking this stance! Great Job!

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