Mobb Deeps Beef: Nore’s Revenge?

Summary: Who has reason to break Mobb Deep apart…? Nore?

Havoc has denied that the audio that says his rap partner P is a thugalious homosexual. He apparently called in the Breakfast Club and told Envy, Charlamange and Angela Yee. Well, this is good news. He’s sticking to his…story. Who cares. Mobb Deep needs to stay together and that’s IT.

As for Nore, I have an opinion. I could be wrong. Now, here is the theory. Like I said before, Prodigy’s book “My Infamous Life” was a big headache for a lot of people in Queens, including Havoc. The other person that unwittingly had a problem is Noreaga, formerly of Capone-N-Noreaga. Back when “My Infamous Life” came out, it forced the break up of CNN, because it was revealed that Capone took the stand for a murder case. (Rumor continued below)

Now, as far as I know, Capone didn’t “snitch,” but he took the stand. Nore, my sources say, couldn’t keep the group together under those allegations. And – POOF – CNN was gone. Nore never formally revealed any disdain for Mobb Deep. In fact, he’s repeated said they are his have group. But, he got on the radio and “confirmed” that the murky audio dissing Prodigy was indeed Havoc. Nore got in the middle of that?

Now, ask yourself…where did the audio come from? We don’t know. Who goes around taping peoples convo? Who has motivation to break Mobb Deep up? Who wants that? Who would betray Havoc in such an aggressive way, especially if he was drunk, as I’ve previous theorized.

Maybe this isn’t true. Maybe. Lets get CNN back together with Mobb Deep and get crazy!

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  1. the truth says:

    good shit…u need some facebook/tritter like buttons on here. everyone that read your shit ain’t gunna comment, but will share it with friends like I wantrf to but can’t just now.

    • Syafa says:

      anyone who has ever been in jail for long periods of time or knows soomnee holed up that many so called straight men go in and start messing with other men or girly men…..sadly many brothers today who have long sentences where their is no possibility to have a normal relationship with a woman see being with a man girl as the only alternative i choose not to judge them…..but for those of you who have never been up in prison for a long stretch its very hard for you to comprehend or understand that world as the norms of prison are totally the opposite of everyday society….and the reality is many men who take the masculine role when having sex with other men in prison are not seen as homosexual by others within that system and are even exalted to the status of top alpha male .and are still active within prison life and groups and gangs if you have never done a long stretch u would neva know ..imagine getting 100 years no possibility to parole ..that tranny may sicken u on the 1st day..even after a year or two but after some time he becomes a woman..real talk if u don’t like it stay in school cos if u come up in these prisons .you could get turned out too

  2. Og Greg says:

    first of all that Capone shit is such old news I’m surprised so many people didn’t know about it, and after all this I don’t see how Mobb can move past this it will always be there and they were mad late to dismiss it which makes me skeptical, I listened to the phone call and Nore callin it I actually found it funny when he said this is dope he aint hidin and Hav and P need to figure there own shit out before worrying about other cats

    • Auth says:

      Havoc thank you, some fucking reartds dont know that new age phones arent bound to mobile websites or ISP (Internet Service Provider) addresses. Some jokers out here dont talk computer if you dont know. Ridiculous, it could of been tweeted from a phone a ps3 or a pc or a pda. You wouldnt fucking know so shut the fuck up

      • Jawad says:

        he needed to win a Super Bowl for it to be set in stone. Well he did it! And those thrwos wouldn’t have been anything without Green Bays deep roster of good receivers! And lets not get into the defense Go Pack Go!

  3. EDOGZ818 says:

    Not sure how to read this!
    Did Hav smack P , drunk off the liqour, talk $hyt to Nore?

    No mention of Nore by Sydney, but who knows, she may get the scoop…by Tuesday?

    Nore’s revenge? that would be some sucka $hyt!

  4. jk says:

    What’s good illseed. This is straight from Kenya (East Africa). I’ve followed you through four countries, getting that hiphop back story. Thanks for the many years of feeding a brother. Glad you’re back, even if its another avenue. Remember that Africa is always there for you if you need that escape. Ask Chappelle if you doubt. Good to have you back. First ever comment on a public site since 2003. But i had to show the love.

  5. illseed says:

    Thanks, JK!!! As you know, I love Africa so I am glad that you are here with me on Btw me and you, I think things are going to work out with AllHipHop so I am going to have 2 homes for this stuff!! I’m pretty excited to be back in the mix full swing!

  6. BXTS says:

    illseed say it aint so? you’re back? i hope this is the real illseed from allhiphop rumors back in the day. if it is yo welcome back man you were the original blogger b4 all these sites. wish you much success and keep doing your thing my guy. respect.

  7. Jizz-ah says:

    Good too see your still at it Illseed. I don’t leave much comments but I’ve been following you for few years.
    Your one of a kind.
    Welcome back & thanks for rumors!!

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