Mobb Deep Breakup: Did Prodigy’s Book Cause Beef With Havoc?

UPDATE: Mobb Deep’s Havoc talked to and revealed that there was no hack and there is no beef. He lost his phone. My sources maintain that there was a big deal with regard P’s book, but the group got over it.


Illseed insider: Rumors say Prodigy’s book, My Infamous Life, caused rift.

Well, I think it is high time that I get back into the mix with this Hip-Hop stuff. What better time than to start with Mobb Deep, the guys Havoc and Prodigy. These guys have been to us what so many other rap crews have been and it hurts to see them go out like this. But, like this it goes. Havoc went OFF on twitter last night. I hope they don’t claim it a hack. (I wouldn’t be surprised if they claimed it to be a hack though.) But from what I understand, Hav has confirmed that those tweets were all from him.

Here is the rumor. As most of you know P write a book called “My Infamous Life.”

I will admit, I didn’t read the book, but I heard it is very good. As you know, it was also extremely controversial. P talked about just about everybody and everything. In doing so, he made some enemies and damaged some friends. From what I understand, P did just that with his friendship to Havoc. Like I said, I didn’t read it, but there are parts in there that don’t make have look too good. From what I understand, it took a LOT for them to get past this stage and continue to be friends. They have been doing shows. They rocked the AllHipHop SXSW event last month and recently played in CT. But, what caused it to boil over at this very moment, I cannot say for sure. What I am being told is that its all lies in the book. Here are some of the tweets.





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  1. redryder says:

    has P bounced back. I haven’t heard or seen anything. oh yeah, welcome back illseed.

  2. Black Exodus says:

    This is crazy…so Havoc going in like that? Just a questions for Havoc…if P, is so pussy why would you fuck with dude for so long? For P, sometimes a tell all is not good…you burn bridges and wreck friendships…hope it was all worth it.

    Illseed are you going rep “Hot independent artist”??? Just wanted to know…dig the layout!

    Black Exodus “Problems” news song…youtube it-

  3. luckyloomus says:

    mobb deep is legendary period they will see there way through!

  4. EDOGZ818 says:

    Welcome back ILLSEED in tha’ HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Da Truth says:

    all hip hop ain’t shit without you homie. The rumor section was the life of the site and now it’s gone. Just keep doing what you doing and everyone will be over here an you’ll be making a ton of money. your the reason i even checked for that site. what people missed the most is the early post in the morning which we all read before getting to work and the mutiple topics or rumors in each post (a one rumor per post isn’t bad every now and then.). Also, keep putting us on to new hip hop music and don’t sell out like hoe greg and his new hore lace do every post…smh…

  6. OUTTA_TOKYO says:

    Mobb Deep!! Nah man, they gonna fall out over a book? Hope it don’t go down like that.

    Aye, good to see illseed back on his ish. AHH ain’t the same…
    Keep it up, hope all works out for the best. Do it bigger, promote. For people will be commenting about this site on AHH rumors.

    Hope this becomes one of the places to check for, like the old AHH days

  7. King Jafee says:

    I stumbled on this site when the 1st post was made after I noted a twitter mumble…

    I said well it’s written in illseed’s tone…

    Plus he loves him sum Kreayshawn…

    and here you are.

    Good to see you have staked your own territory online.

    I hope AHH loses 50% of its advertising revenue because you were the only reason I went to that site anymore.

    You single handedly are the reason why they can charge asshole amounts for ad space these days.

    Damn ill I have a reason to read about hip-hop ever day instead of every other day or two.


  8. EDOGZ818 says: is hiring!

    I put the word in for you on day , when you was still MIA & told them to let you write your own ticket if you chose to come aboard!

    I’d rather see you back on AHH though. That is / was my home site & it became str8 Doo Doo grits after you left!

  9. Riesgobeats says:

    AHH Rumors ain’t been the same since you left. Your new site is cool though I bookmarked it.


    Keep the blog up homie …that other site weak sauce now fyi this Stilliskick …well formerly known as lol.

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