Jay-Z Pissed At Jay Electronica?

I’m hearing some stuff, y’all. And It ain’t all good. I’m hearing that Jay-Z is fed up with Jay Electronica’s odd ways. Over two years ago, Jay-E was riding high with the song “Exhibit C,” and Jigga Man went out on a very big limb to announce it.

I will never forget because Jay-Z gave AllHipHop 10 shout outs in a row the day he revealed Jay Electronica was going to The Roc.

Who can forget this…2 years ago.

Check out this rumor from earlier in the year.

Anyway….man, its been TWO YEARS! I heard that Jay-Z has given up on Jay Elec who will be 40 in a couple years for the young boy Joey Bada$$. Joey is shaking up the NY underworld. Maybe, Jay Elec got too comfy as a weirdo? He still dope, but music would be great.

But, don’t bet on it.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.

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  1. [...] Jay is smart for this one, should it be totally true. I gotta give it up. This is smart, because this young man is hungry. Rumor has it, Jay has given up on Jay Electronica. Read about that here. [...]

  2. Jay Electronica says:

    Jay has NOT given up on me. I am here to save this thing called Hip Hop!

  3. Pharmc42 says:

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  4. I Am Hip-Hop says:

    hmmm… Jay-Z has been accused of sidelining rappers that he feared would outshine him. Beanie Siegel, DMX? I was worried when Elect signed to Jay-Z, worried Elect would get sidelined and worried themusic would change to bling bling talk. Don’t let the rumours bet you and don’t let the demons treat you. Give Hip-Hop a conscious, poetic Hip-Hop album with dope beats – that’s what Hip-Hop wants. And if Jay-Z tries to hold you back just release a diss record and go independent. One

  5. paradyme says:

    Jay has no reason to derail JE….from a corporate stand point it cost Jay more money to terminate his investment. JE needs to understand it’s a business and he’s just getting his foot in the door. Play ball on your 1st run, attempt to lock in on residual income, and promotions, this will ensure his own stability with mainstream music. JE wasting this deal with the likes of Jay could cause career harm unless JE’s got the money or financial backing of his own to sell his career at his own pace and in his own way. As for the reference to DMX, BEANIE,These guys are mildly talented selling tough guy persona’s or gimmicks. Jay is a poet an artist and business man…both BEANS and DMX careers and lives are in a tailspin away from the stage caught up in the legal system for alternate choices they both have made…..It’s either the ball or the sword…and you must choose and live with the consequences of ones actions.

  6. I Am Hip-Hop says:

    DMX is the only artist to have had two platinum albums in one year. Respect legends.

    • I Am Hip-Hop says:

      DMX – “His fifth album, “Grand Champ”, once again debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts, placing DMX as the only musical artist in history to release five consecutive albums (his entire album catalog at the time) that debuted at number one.” Wikipedia

      “He is the only artist in Soundscan history to have his first four albums debut at number one on the Billboard Charts. The first three of DMX’s CDs debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts and each one has gone at least triple platinum.” IMDB

      So you were saying “DMX, BEANIE,These guys are mildly talented selling tough guy persona’s…” actually I think you’ll find DMX is an under-rated poet with a prayer on each of his albums who gets misjudged by people that think they know about Hip-Hop because crack took him off the path and because he won’t play industry games like Jay-Z. Don’t get me wrong, Jay Elect is on some whole other shizzle, he’s philosophical with style, but don’t under-estimate DMX or I get pissed that Jay-Zs sidelining worked and the new jacks will never know what time it is. Once upon a time DMX owned Hip-Hop, if you’re gonna let DMX issues with Arizona State police determine his legacy you’re not Hip-Hop at all.

  7. Allakinwande says:

    Personaly allways thought DMX was overated.
    Average rapper, his energy is what sold him. He’s Pac without the poetic gift.

  8. tlittle8 says:

    Jay Electronics hiphop needs you. I listen ti Just Begun everyday. show em how great you

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