Is Kanye West Playing Kim Kardashian For A Fool?

(Rumors) Kanye West is seemingly the man of the hour for being the last dude that was passed Kim Kardashian.

But, does Kanye have a master plan?

Now, I thought he was more or less being treated like a fool and a pawn to boost ratings of  that reality show she has.

Well, I am hearing something far more sinister may be at work. I am hearing that Kanye West is basically playing Kim Kardashian. Apparently, Kanye is going to hit it and then basically use her for the massive publicity he can get from it. Lastly, he’s going to record a song or something to discuss the whole thing. I find that interesting that he’s apparently shared this with many in his immediate circle Clearly there is a leak should this rumor be true.

Kim isn’t the most well-liked chick, but Kanye may be overstepping if he thinks America will side with him over the Armenian thicky.

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  1. EDOGZ818 says:

    Not sure about the details of this , but it could be true to some degree.

    The 2 things working against it are:

    1) Kanye doesn’t need publicity.
    2) Kanye is a sucker 4 love a$$ Trick.

    The 2 things working for it are:
    1) Kanye always wants more publicity
    2) Kanye is a sucker 4 love a$$ Trick & knows it , probably learned from it & in reality , isn’t so much of a sucker at all , because he didn’t get mariied & lose 1/2 to Amber & Wiz…..then again , if he lost 1/2 to Amber , would Amber be with Wiz?

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  4. illseed says:

    I dont know. I dont see how Kanye could be with this chick tho…damn. She looks dope boe famous for all the wrong reasons.

  5. King Jafee says:

    She looks super great getting backshots and can obviously take some cock down the throat with no gag is why he is with her.

    Publicity and backshots.

    He learned from Amber to not simp.

    This is a lesson in how many pics can I take and leak of myself smashing Kim K from the back before she gets some self respect?

    Since her respect for individuals is measured in their fame levels she will kiss the ring until dismissed.

    • Emandem says:

      i know im repeating mylsef thats my point that way,, i know she did a porn, and it was boring! so i dont think she got payed much for it lol well i hope anyways,,,, i think they are really funny and silly,, i think its cuz me and my sisters and brothers are really close like them, i seen alot of funny things they do, that we did. now were all in differant parts of the world and its nice to see them. maybe i am overrating her, maybe in my eyes im not. i like her fashion its fun

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  7. po says:

    like snoop said, he wud never fuck kim k. kardashian…its a disgrace to yourself

  8. Username* says:

    Don’t see how these niggas can wife a chick who’s snatch its public that shit is for sale. That’s sooooooo not gangsta(in my Riley voice)!!! That’s a true simply move. You might smash low key, but don’t be out here in love like that Ye!!! But she couldn’t get mad at him for doing to her what she did to Chris Humphries

  9. StinkPinkGators313 says:

    He definitely doesn’t want to become the next Wiz. I mean in all the world of celebrity jump-offs there’s way more fish(word to pharcyde) out in that sea.

    • Agus says:

      haha if everyone would make money the way she does the world would go down..^^ no offnece, she is a cute girl. But the people who build our houses, bake our bread or work on developing renewable energies create more value for society and have less money than Kim. But whatever. Wish her all the best.

  10. Solecita says:

    Both Kim and Kris lacked the mauttiry to have a successful marriage. Neither one of them learned to compromise and they both cared more about their own careers that one another. Let this be a lesson to people that it takes work to have a long lasting marriage. I don’t think either one of them knows what real love is and their marriage was based on an ideal and not reality.

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