Illseed Exclusive: Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel Will Make Peace With Philly Mayor?

(Rumors) Yeah, baby! Jay-Z just made this exclusive announcement on AllHipHop and everybody is wondering what it is.
Well, guess what? I’ve already got some insight on what the rumor can be! As the headline states, I am hearing that Beanie Sigel, the former Capo of Roc-A-Fella records, will publicly end his beef with Jay-Z. Or is that the other way around? Jay-Z is reading his beef with Beanie? Either way, this is what I am hearing will happen.
Now, if this does NOT happen Monday morning, then I can assure you, Beanie and Jay – maybe via their crews – are working out their issues.
Obviously, this will work well for both men and their images. Jay-Z, the Tyrant, and Beanie, the disgruntled one. I think it also will be even better if they can somehow start to work on music together. Now, beyond this, and this is where the mayor comes in, this will show the young brothers in Philly that they can peace it out if these two men can. The murder rate in Philly is out of control so we need to stop the violence and kick the science!

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  1. King Jafee says:

    that would be a good look.

    from twitter to the web and everywhere else i am legion

    • Obomase says:

      wasn’t 50 supposed to rirtee after losing to Kanye in album sales???? Now Jay-Z’s dick is in his mouth again the 80th time this week. BP3 went platinum and Jay-Z is not worried about curtis jackson. 50 cent is so weak that he attacks weak tier rappers such as fat joe and rick ross. 50 lost to D-Block [jada, styles, sheek] and the game and he hasn’t been the same since. Jadakiss shitted on 50 Cent and Styles P called hot 97 and had 50 cent sounding scared on the radio trying to clear everything up about pushing styles album back saying he can’t do that lmfao. D-Block had 50 cent shook and he knew not to take it further than a diss track. The game = 300 bars and running which disarmed g-unit. That group hasn’t been the same since Game left them in the cold. Beg for mercy sold 5 million and T.O.S. barely made it to 350,000 lmfao. 50 released Piggy Bank and all of those rappers he dissed on that song Jadakiss, Nas, Cassidy lyrically murdered him and he chose fat joe to continue dissing because he isn’t as lyrical as the others .50 cent is a joke.

      • Adrian says:

        I don’t have just on favorite aritst. I just LOVE too many songs! I love each of them for different reasons! It’s too hard to choose just one!

      • Priya says:

        y niggaz hatin so fckuin dumb lol 50 aint gota even gotta rap n america he bigger than jay-z n yea 50 didnt have a easier path how do you have a easier path when you get shot 9times and stabed n jay-z do the same shit blueprint 1n 2 2.1 was the whole nas beef the he had state property n the black album was he last album then kingdom comw his return album the american gangster he did his gangsta shit agan n the last 1 was blueprint 3 didnt do as well as the previous you dumb fucks

  2. illseed says:

    This is needed. Its like a big healing that needs to happen. I don’t think Jay can ignore that part of his past anyway. I’m sure it has to gnaw at him a bit, even though he’s crazy rich.

  3. Altaego says:

    This move will be significant if they can get back to making great music again. Beans is greatly needed in the world of hip hop!!

    • Takashi says:

      PDRTJS_settings_5081596_comm_134 = {“id” : “5081596″,”unique_id” : “wp-comment-134″,”title” : “Awww%2C+dude%2C+New+Jack+City+is+one+of+my+favorite+movies+of+all+time.++Got+the+VHS+and+the+DVD%2C+wonder+how+the+sequel+will+turn+out……”,”item_id” : “_comm_134″,”permalink” : “″}Awww, dude, New Jack City is one of my favorite mivoes of all time. Got the VHS and the DVD, wonder how the sequel will turn out

    • Emil says:

      We’re just cops and firefighters, eh? So when peploe you hire, including convicted felons, commit election fraud that you either knew or should have known about, that’s ok, because, hey, you’re just cops and firefighters. Right. I’ll have what you’re smoking. Hope someone investigates your whole shady operation.

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  5. Always a beautiful thing when brothers who can do tremendous damage work out their problems. That’s real. I push a Positive line. I’m a living legend

    • James says:

      Forget all this other stuff Lil Wayne should be with me cause baby I can treat you so sapciel so nice I want your body need your body long as you got need you don’t need nobody tell them other hoes to get out of your face

    • Samim says:

      Ppreciate you posting the beihnd the scene video of Jay and Kanye. They keep so much beihnd closed doors that you rarely get to see the real person but rather the image they uphold on stage. I respect the privacy tho, when you get up to there level its a must to have private time. One again I appreciate the video post, ill be looking forward to more of your work.

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  9. jerseyfresh says:

    See my first guess was the announcement of meek signing with roc nation management but I hope this is what it is instead. Guess we’ll find out soon.

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    • Alexey says:

      county of kings ok lets rap a lill . u right a lil bit i do bevleie 50 more then these other dudes .. cause his life story is real and he is still the same dude from 99 in 09 dat kanye shit is but no i didnt bevleie that but wat i do bevleie is non of these niggas want it with fif .. u right its his lane to b a trouble maker and talk shit but do u think a nigga who is pussy or scraed or not 100 would take that lane??? and the buck situation it did make him loyal and stupid loyal cause he though buck was a friend and he helped a friend and stupid b/c buck was not the type of nigga to help like dat cause he ended up flippin .. I NO FOR A FACT DAT 50 IS A GANSTA 1 CAUSE IM FORM QUEENS AND 2 NIGGAS DONT PUT MONEY ON YOUR HEAD IF U A LAME . 50 is 1 of the only rappers who still raps for the hood and who is 10000 % authtic he is so rich but still u can c the hood and wat it did to him he is the only rapper who is gonna keep it 100 when asked a question or when battling dont front he keeps dis rap shit intersting and if it wasnt for fif i would cry thinking bout how rap use to b

  12. Miwa says:

    Hip Hop Is Dead 50 tried to clown and take shots at Nas’ career! Now all of a sduedn he is trying to go at Jay 50 claims: Since Jay lost to Nas he hasn’t competed ! Well guess what 50 could never compete with either Nas or Jay! When Nas’ Queen Get The Money aired 50 acted like a quiet little mouse but yet he goes hard body at Rick Ross and Fat Joe with video skits every damn day. 50 know who he can really attack this shit with Jay and Kanye is him hoping that Jay or Kanye will really respond to help promote his album! The fact that Jay said: Ain’t no body scared of 50 Cent once again f*cked with his already low self esteem. So he will continue being bitter over that one line until his album drops. Jay stated the truth which is NO BODY IS SCARED OF 50 CENT Rick Ross was dumb to even give this fool (50) the platform to go at him. He tried attacking Lil Wayne=FAIL. T.I.=FAIL, and Drake on the low=FAIL and went at Fat and Jadakiss because they did a song with JaRule…how LAME was that! Cam told him he looked like bugs bunny what did 50 do got his teeth fixed and they still f*cked up!!!! 50 is a product of a person who suffers from attention once he had it he bullied everyone now that no one gives a shit about his short lived claim to the top he wants to attack anyone that gets more respect than him. RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN!!!!! The interviewers may ask 50 Cent the questions .but every question is not meant to be answered!! 50 Cent jumps at the opportunity to be involved in controversy because he is an ATTENTION SEEKER and wants to be revered as some who speaks the truth but truthfully he likes to GOSSIP that is why he is so in tune with the blogs and what bloggers say about him! 50 Cent knows exactly what his stans want from him and he gives it to them BULLSH*T!

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