Illseed Exclusive: Andre 3000 To Direct “Sixteen” With Rick Ross!

Looks like a couple things have happened in the last couple of years! Rick Ross is definitely one of the premier rappers out and Andre 3000 is slowly creeping back into the mix. Well, here is the exclusive…Three Stacks and Rick Ross are getting together in a more substantive way. They did the Justice League-produced “Sixteen.” But now, Andre is presently working on the treatment for a video for the song. Yep. Exclusive. Andre and Ross will star in a video for “Sixteen.” He played a few instruments on the song so I expect this video to be eccentric and eclectic.

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  1. ILLZITO says:

    Officer Ricky!! Officer Ricky!! Let me stop I bought the dude new album, decent.
    I’ll still whip that ass tho, fu[k the Police!!!

  2. ILLZITO says:

    Always a good look when 3 stacks jump on your project.

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