Exclusive: The Love & Hip-Hop Reunion Is ON!

I don’t know where these other folks are getting their information from, but I’m telling you…they don’t know the people know. My sources and they are sources SO CLOSE, its crazy…they told me that the reunion show is on. In fact, it was never off. The fact is, they are still working on the show and my contacts told me, “What the hell are you talking about? The show is definitely on.” So, there you go. More ratcheness for dat assssssssssss!”

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    Illseed fails again!

  3. Mikchek says:

    HA…Illseed WIN!

  4. ILLZITO says:

    Let me be clear about one thing, I don’t agree with the bufoonery that my people are puttin on BUT… with that said, this is great T.V. Plus I know this is for the most part faked!

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