Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross And 50 Cent Almost Reignite Beef – KINDA!

As the weekend started something almost happened that most of the world missed. 50 Cent and Rick Ross narrowly escaped another round of fresh beef. And, the crazy thing is…it was all AllHipHop.com’s fault. What happened was Rozay and DJ Khalid were being followed for the taping of “The Next 48 Hours” and this is the series were AHH follows an artist for 48 hours straight. Now, they were at BET and they were joking people that still wear jean shorts. The day before this was posted on 50 Cent’s site.

Well, the editors for “The Next 48 Hours” mistakenly made an error and the image was included on the internet LIVE. And after that, blogs got on it. When they did, the rumors started. Everybody wanted to know if there were “shots” fired. There were none. The editor made a mistake. Luckily after all parties spoke, there was no beef. You know what? Nobodu wanted any beef either. Not 50 Cent. Not Rick Ross.

Beef over jean shorts…only Hip-Hop can that even bee a possibility.

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  1. calicoflo says:

    is hip hop and rappers so weak, that an insult to your clothing style, as slight as it is should be the cause of 3-6 wack songs “beefing” with each other stupid interviews and then retractions and bitchAssNess. I swear for being the most “gangsta” music out there people sure are sensitive. and this bullshit is really all the media’s fault hyping it up, making these artist react. And when something goes wrong they throw their hands up and play innocent. I know there gotta be a few dj’s out there feeling like they got some blood on their hands.

  2. Mookie` says:

    aint no fat CO nigga and a fuckin arab gonna tell a nigga what jeans i can wear lol u people kray

  3. Sean Felder says:

    C’mon man,too much money in hip hop right now.

  4. ILLZITO says:

    Least they attempted to correct a non issue.

  5. kayumba says:

    at least they acted as grown rapprs

  6. EDOGZ818 says:

    Jean shorts = Winning
    Rick Fawlse = Losing

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