Hip-Hop Rumors: Prodigy Was Going To Diss Havoc, BUT…

Well, it looks like Prodigy was close to going in on Havoc, but eventually decided to chill the F out. My sources revealed to me that P was about to diss Havoc, but his team decided to chill out. They were like “What’s the point?” And also that it would shred Mobb Deep. As you know, Havoc would come out with this diss shortly there after. Click here to see that.

But, now that Havoc has drawn first blood, what will he do? Nothing, I am hearing. What I heard is that P is staying focused on a new book, album and not feeding into it yet. They said that he’s not looking to “react” on Havoc’s terms and will do whatever needs to be done on his own accord. He had apparently secured an interview with AllHipHop.com, but changed his mind over the past weekend.

I think he should address those crazy rumors about him being gay at last.

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  1. ILLZITO says:

    These two midgets again!!! C’MON DOGS STOP IT!!! Havoc need A.A. And how many times prodigy got knocked off stage, lost count.
    GET BACK TO THE MUSIC!!! Looks like a publicity stunt. We don’t believe you, you know the rest.

  2. EDOGZ818 says:

    Hmm, I forgot about Havoc’s drinking, even back then. Yeah, he’s lost it.

  3. silver price says:

    In 1993, the Whooliganz released their first single, “Put Your Handz Up.” The song received little radio airplay and their record label, Tommy Boy Records , decided to shelve their album.

  4. gold account says:

    Wyclef responded to LL’s initial attacks in “The Ripper Strikes Back” with his own song “What’s Clef Got to Do With It;” LL retaliated with the underground track “Rasta Imposter.” Wyclef and Cool J have ended their own feud; the main beef has since declined to subliminal potshots, with neither directly and openly dissing the other, and seems unlikely to heat back up.

  5. King Jafee says:

    Havoc talks a lot about drinking in The Infamous and hell on earth.

    he is a drunkard and prodigy is a small gay man.

    they made some hardcore east coast hip hop we all love and now its 2012

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