Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion: Fights, Marriage Proposals And Flashings

The Love& Hip-Hop Atlanta Show GOT IT POPPIN’ yesterday at the reunion shoot, I’ve been told. Yep! They apparently got all sorts of ratchet up in there. I heard there were several fights. Most notable, Rasheeda versus K. Michelle, who was apparently knocked out. They had to do like Busta said, “Call the ambulance!” But, my sources told me that one of the women flashed her private parts to the audience in retaliation for derogatory remarks. Another one actually got into a fight with an audience member too. Last, but certainly not least, somebody proposes to somebody. Try as I did, the person would not give up the goods on who tried to hitch up. I can only imagine its Stevie J and her jawn Joseline.


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  1. ILLZITO says:

    ESTEBIE is that dude and so is JOCELINE!!!

  2. Miss.G says:

    Scrappy proposed to his baby momma

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