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Anyway, you see the headline! I am getting word that Mannie Fresh is 1000% confirmed as the guest feature that will side with Pusha T in his new beef ( that is really old) with Lil Wayne. From what I heard, whatever they are working on is EPIC. Now, for those that don’t and there are a lot of people that don’t know, Mannie Fresh was the musical architect that helped build Cash Money into an empire. After a while, his money was funny, he said, and he had to defect. And, some of you don’t realize that Pusha T has had beef with Lil Wayne for a long time. The Clipse even did a song for him called “Mr. Me Too. Anyway, those that don’t know know now. Mannie Fresh was all up in the mix! He probably knows where the bodies are buried, but has mostly quiet in the whole thing.

Here is what Mannie Fresh was saying in an interview with AHH:

AllHipHop.com: Okay, that’s was sup. You’ve recently did an interview with a magazine and I think the headline on it was pretty sensational.

Mannie Fresh: “Slavery with Cash Money”, and I will say this dude, that was ignorance on the magazine. That was to sell, and if you read the article the interview was nothing about that, they just did that to sell, whatever it is that they do, to keep up mess or whatever. I’m not apologizing for nothing, I made that statement in the interview and out of the whole interview that was what they took out of it.

AllHipHop.com: yeah, I feel you, I guess you obviously weren’t misquoted but can you kind of explain the statement itself, what you were saying.?

Mannie Fresh: I mean, truthfully it’s basically based on this. I did albums for Cash Money, I didn’t do singles, I did whole albums for Cash Money, and at the end of the day I’m saying I wasn’t paid for albums so its like you’re doing 10 songs and somebody pays you for 1. What would that be equivalent to? I just said hey this is an example of what it would be equivalent to and its no secret that everybody know why I left Cash Money. We’re on speaking terms now but truth be told, yeah it was behind money, everybody know what it was.

AllHipHop.com: You say you guys are on speaking terms with Baby, Wayne and them? Like you think you may work with them again or you just keeping it moving?

Mannie Fresh: In truth, I will work with them again based on this, if they cut the check. Its not going to be based on just some words but we done talked about that, we done been there and by the grace of God, we ain’t enemies, none of us hate each other but business is business and that was a hard lesson for me to learn. I was in love with doing music, I wasn’t paying attention to my business so I’m not even going to say that was all Cash Money’s fault that was my fault as well but I was a young dude that didn’t know any better. So now that I know better, I’m not going to plug in my scene with out doing business and I got my beats and my paper work right.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Sweeney says:

    Pusha + a revenge/spitful Mannie Fresh?

    …and I thought Exodus was something.

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    • Indrawidi says:

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      • Ndaru says:

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      • John says:

        plies motha fuckin sneppad .why did he only hit a couple lines? he coulda dominated this track if he tried ..props to my nigga ricky ross and weezy! they done killed dis shit. by the way im single again! jacksonville, florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EDOGZ818 says:

    I believe Mannie %100

    • Tamrines says:

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    • Guillaume says:

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    • Thaynara says:

      earlier, this was nothing but a light jab. Pusha won’t last a batlte with drake and wayne, he asking for too much. What makes you think anybody from GOOD would actually come jump in this new beef? maybe common but thats it I say this is the last we here from this so called beef. BUT PLEASE PEOPLE don’t try wayne and say that he aint built for this because he’s lasted 20 years in the game firing shots and taking them and firing back. The best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired . he really lived up to that statement in the carter 1-2 days lyrically at least. Now he’s more about getting money than proving what he feels he has already proven. Wayne has it in him to destroy pusha its just a matter of will he do it?

      • Kengo says:

        God that melody at the start why didnt he make a song out of it???? ahhh kills me to think about how good of a song it could have been eepacislly since i know the full song soooo chill ahhh still this is dope

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    • Alexandr says:

      WACK.Come on wayne,the clipse(especially pusha) been on ya head since 06,and you’r now mkinag a diss record.Pusha and no malice was about that life,have you ever notice that nobody questioned there drug talk,but everybody questions waynes blood affiliation.Stop it wayne,you tryna act hard body,but you’t wearing woman joggins,and carrying a skateboard with you everywhere.

      • Kevin says:

        6 people had the cops spell it out to them like Rodney King, 6 more had it speleld out to them like M.L.King, and another 6 had it? speleld out to them like all the other Kings from Africa

  6. Jheison says:

    100 percent bitch move on sean part more amo for wayne in the beef i never been a huge fan of big sean but i repesct hommie. and i got love for goodmusic crew but he crossed the line he just got played like a pawn inthe game unless it was one of those deals when he and wayne had already recorded the track way b4 but still u knew ya man didnt fuck wit young money, he shuda stayed away and the big boss jay-z dont even fuck wit them lol smh

    • Marte says:

      no lil twist is a 16 yr old fr dallas? who was dceeovsrid my lil wayne after openin for him in a local concert lil wayne was so impressed wit twists flow he flew him to atlanta to see if his stage preformance would be in the studio lil twist passed wit flying color and and was signed to YME aka yung money entertainment

    • Hamdan says:

      yo ya’ll is some fuckin haerts like forreal if you guys dont like him why you looken up his shit and goin to his page? just to hate? get a life you fuckin faggets

  7. Natalia says:

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