Charles Hamilton Explains: “Flamin’ F@ggots” Beat Me Up

(Rumors) Well, what do we have here. CH ain’t on crystal meth, as I theorize HERE. Dude said he got beat down by some homosexuals. I think it may just have been better if he was on drugs.

Got jumped by some flamin’ faggots near Webster Hall Thursday night. Mad at me because I’m, quite Biblically, homophobic. Despite the MAGICAL night I had with …Dilla, George and Jack, I still had to scrap it out. First of all, one of these homos was starting a fight with a woman. He spit in her face and flexed at her like he was going to backhand her. So I intervened. You don’t hit a woman. Period. And he SPIT on her. So I walked over and checked him. “Homie, why you spit on her, b?” He was like “That’s my bitch, yo! I can do what I want to her, bro!”

Fuck outta here. Called him pussy and walked off. He calls his peoples from out the restaurant. Another homo who I had to check about 10 minutes before walked up to me like he was they leader, so I swung on him first. He was dundone. Then the other’s grabbed me, punched me, and ironically, kicked the areas in my back which were hurting me for ages. Shit felt crazy good. Oh man. Shit felt sooooo mean. Niggas was really kicking my knots, yo. Anyway, I got up, cracked all them niggas, they ran (yo, I made niggas run?!), and I got walked to the hospital. I miss my nigga Bred (George), Dilla wylded (Mav?) and Jack is Jack (CYANIDE!!!!!, for those long term readers). Cyanide, the beef is very simple. My exhales were your inhales. And that shit BOTHERED me.

Still thinking about and missing my girl. I HOPE she’s okay. I’m stalking her ass today. Online and PsyLike.

I’m going through what I’m going through because I stand for something. For no other reason. Worse comes to, I’m probably gonna have to go to mommington’s again. A miracle mile? Me and Astro could move into King Corpy’s castle. (the entire world stares at Corpy). I’ll ask him, but I’d rather put public pressure on him to (a) promote “Money, Hoes and Flows” and (b) let you know how awesome of a guy he is.

Another afternoon of loving J Dilla. I wanna find some appropriate Dilla to listen to this morning. I’m so proud of my self for my new skill…. lol and you ain’t gonna know about it.

Some little homo said ladies don’t listen to my music. I have 100% right to disagree, and I can, but if ladies aren’t listening, why continue?

You dudes don’t buy records. Ladies actually spend time with me. MAJOR difference. Spend time with me, as in, hang out with me, romance, sex, or not.

I’m hungry now. I need some food. Sugar water, then my adventure.

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  1. Y.O says:

    This guy must be on drugs! Who talks like that??!! Follow me @OhNoiTsYO

  2. Yo says:

    This nigga is dipped out. Sugar water, indeed.

  3. Hip Hop Fan says:

    I don’t think he’s on drugs but he does have some demons/screws lose in his head. Or so it seems

    • This is the rectify Charles Hamilton Explains: “Flamin’ F@ggots” Beat Me Up | journal for anyone who wants to move out out most this content. You attention so such its nearly tiring to fence with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new aerobatics on a theme thats been typewritten about for geezerhood. Respectable hooey, only enthusiastic!

    • a1879330 says:

      I’ve said that least 1879330 times. SCK was here

  4. JPeso says:

    dude needs some psychiatric help. he’s got mental issues.

  5. Og Greg says:

    wtf is wrong with homie… let get this straight he looked like that from being a hero, checking all them dudes and getting kicked and liked it??? and please can he leave Dilla’s name out of his crazy ass mouth… I remember seeing a story last year where someone ran into him and he looked strung out and homeless so I wouldn’t be shocked if he is on some serious shit full blown and this is just his crazy ass justification to make himself feel like he’s foolin someone

    • Madanm says:

      I’m a life long Hamiltonian, it’s an ok place to live, the downtown has bmeoce pretty disgusting over the past 20 years but there are some nice areas and the house prices are still much lower than Toronto..I guess it depends what u like, if u like alot of nightlife and a bustling downtown core then Hamilton is not for you, if u like quiet neighbourhoods with minimal nightlife then u might like it .try to stay on the mountain, but there are some good deals on houses in the lower city btw, they have changed alot of the one way streets downtown to 2 way now

  6. King Jafee says:

    Pink Lavalamp was incredible and so I was checking for him

    Then he went crazy

    Guachos was cool too but then something broke mentally

    Sad but hey fame isnt for all and its like he really enjoys the weirdo thing

    • Gonzalo says:

      London is way better and you can get a nice place there on the cheap. I am in Toronto and am lonikog at moving and I have been to London, Hamilton and Niagara Falls during the last few days and London is much cleaner and has less crime.

  7. po says:

    i never looked like that after smoking/snorting crystal meth, or snortin herion or illseed

    • Marieli says:

      I don’t recall asknig about bus stops, but I am unsure where the bus stop is in this photo. The bench? The building?Brilliant first shot; looks like a setting from The Warriors.

  8. ILLZITO says:

    This kid smoking major wet.

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