Capone N Noreaga Reunite!

What do we have here? Mobb Deep almost break up and CNN reunite! That’s right, CNN is back together and they are presently filming a new video to support the reunion. This seems like the third time they have gotten back together. There may not be any genuine bad blood between them and Mobb Deep…ahhh…who am I fooling. I’m hearing the blood is nothing but bad. As you know….ahh….why bother. You already know the issues at hand right? How Prodigy called Capone out in his book and how they all started arguing amongst themselves? No need to rehash. These dudes need to link up and do a tour and call it a day.

I always give Nore his respect, because he mentioned me in a song. PROPS!

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  1. ILLZITO says:

    Touchy situation. I’m going the old school route, kill all rats!

  2. Hip Hop Fan says:

    CNN is beyond past their prime I remember they had one decent album and that was The War Report which came out in 97. I don’t think people are checking for these guys anymore, its a different game these days

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